Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moving along and my amazing husband

Me at 22 weeks.  Bishop was curious too.
I feel like we've reached the point in this pregnancy where I really don't feel like there's much to say.  We're at 24 weeks, so only 16 or so to go!  Things keep moving along like they should and there's really nothing exciting or nerve racking to talk about.  Rowan's growing like he should according to our doctor and she doesn't have any concerns at this point.  He's moving more and more now, though I'm not sure how much of it is kicking and how much are hiccups.  Either way, there's jolts, jabs, and jerks at various points throughout the day.  I'm feeling great...for that I am soooooooo thankful!  My only complaints have been sore hips right when I wake up and a sore back if I'm stuck in one position (sitting or standing) for too long.  I'm pretty much out of most of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I am still rocking the pre-pregnancy work pants with a belly band, but that's going to be ending soon I'm guessing.

We are starting to get the house ready for Rowan too.  We had some rearranging to do, and Ian did a good chunk of it last weekend.  We've moved the office into the downstairs living room and will be moving the guest room into the office so that Rowan can have the guest room.  Some furniture moving will have to wait until we have other bodies...I'm not planning on doing much lifting or furniture moving myself.  Another one of those 'not recommended' things.  =)  Thankfully my parents are coming down towards the end of the month, so they'll be able to help us get some of these bigger projects taken care of.

Some AMAZING clothes we found for Rowan. He's going to be so cool!
Over the last few weeks, one of the things I  have been noticing more and more is just how wonderful Ian is being.  I'm getting to see a different side of him that I've never noticed before.  He's really doing a lot of things to take care of me. I probably haven't noticed this too much because I don't let him (or anyone really) take care of me. I'm pretty darn independent and take pride in the fact that I can do things by myself.  I still can...and do most of the time...but Ian's just been taking on some things that I haven't really thought of.  Like what you ask?  He's taken complete responsibility for mowing the lawn...taking out the trash...and planning our furniture moves.  He also slept on the couch for a week when he was sick so he wouldn't get me sick.  He's cooking dinner on nights I get home later from work...because if I don't eat by 6:00 or so I turn into a cranky monster.  He also got me my very first mother's day card and drew a picture on our bathroom mirror for me.  He's been amazing.  I always knew he was amazing (kinda why I married the guy), but now I'm seeing another side of him.  I can't say it's a new side, it's just a side that I haven't chosen to see.  It makes me more and more excited each day to see how he's going to take care of his son.