Sunday, December 22, 2013

15+ months

Oh much that I haven't written about lately.  We've had a few things happen in the last four months.  Rowan turned 1 (O-N-E!!!!!!).  Rowan enjoyed a couple of weeks with both mom and dad home while I was furloughed.  We've done a trip up to Minnesota and two to Kansas City.  Rowan got to go trick or treating with his cousin Hudson.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And now w'ere getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is still my favorite time of year. I'm so glad that we get to celebrate with our friends and family.  Plus I feel like this is Rowan's 'real' first Christmas.  I know we had Christmas with him last year, but he was still so little.  This year Rowan is starting to get Christmas.  He loves reading our Christmas books and doing our advent calendar each night (though I suppose the fact that our advent calendar comes with a daily dose of chocolate has nothing to do with it...)  Plus this year for Christmas we'll get to see both sets of grandparents.  Bonus!

Alright, that's enough talking for now.  Here are some vital stats and pictures!

-Rowan has grown quite a bit.  I honestly can't remember what he was at a year (and I somehow managed to NOT write it down somewhere) but he was 19lb 7oz at his first 15 month check.  He was super sick at his 15 month check.  He hadn't eaten much the couple of days before so we're guessing he had lost a little weight.  Since he was sick, our doctor didn't want to do shots that day.  So we ended up going back just shy of 2 weeks later for shots and a weight check.  He's now 20lb 7oz.  So yeah...not eating for a few days takes a toll on a baby's weight.  He's about 32 inches long too.
-Rowan now has 13 teeth.  Almost has a full set of chompers!  He loves to brush his teeth each night.
-Rowan has a few more words now (banana, uh-oh, mom, dad, woof).  He also tells the dogs to sit (kind's more of a short "eh", but he only says it when we tell the dogs to sit).  He has a few signs too (milk, eat, please and we're working on bath and water).  He has also learned to shake his head no...and he does that one a lot.
-No walking yet, he's content to crawl and be carried.  He's willing to stand unassisted for a bit now. Yesterday he even took a small step towards Ian after standing unassisted for about 20 seconds.  Walking is on the horizon, just not sure how far away that horizon is yet.
Avid reader.  We have to read each day, and he knows which books  he wants to read on any given day.
I'm ONE and awesome!

Halloween 2013

We loved pumpkins, before cutting them up

And then we cut them

But carving with mom was fun.

Daddy's boy


Ready for our next adventure!
Lounging in his big boy car seat

Bath time.  True story: Mom spelled out Rowan, and Rowan added the V onto the wall.  We know, we know...genius child 

MacLeod family-December 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

11 Months

Holy crap...that means in 4 weeks from today my baby boy will be O-N-E.  That's just crazy!  It's so bizarre to think of all that he's been through this year.  He started not being able to do much of anything...just eat, sleep, and poop pretty much.  Now he's crawling, standing, eating solid food (and real solid food...not mushed up food), laughing, having temper tantrums, and showing some definite preferences. I'm constantly amazed at how we are created.  Life truly is a miracle and I'm so thankful that We were entrusted with Rowan.  We're pretty darn lucky.

Alright...enough sappy talk.  Rowan...11 months.  What's going on in his life?  Well, not much new.  He's eating solid food almost exclusively.  I'm still breastfeeding about 3 times a day.  He nurses first thing in the morning and before bed.  He'll usually nurse once more during the day-either around lunch time or mid afternoon.  He'll get milk in sippy cups too and does really well with that.  He loves fruit, dairy, and MEAT!  This boy is definitely a meat eater at heart.  He shows his preferences at meal time every day.  We'll put a variety of foods on his high chair, and he'll immidiately go for his favorites.  One of our new favorite meal time games is feed the puppies.  If the dogs are inside, Rowan loves to throw his left over food on the floor and watch the dogs eat it.  Thankfully he's good about eating for himself first before feeding the dogs, but feeding the dogs is hil-arious.  It's even better when the dogs come up and lick his hands.  Belly laughs.  Every. Time.

We're sure he's put on weight, but we're not sure how much.  He definitely had a good growth spurt and is much longer now.  He also looks quite a bit chunkier in the thighs and belly.  Anxious to see where he's at at his next check.  Even though he's gained weight, he's still a peanut.  Just growing out of size 2 diapers (using disposables at night time) and still in 9 month clothes.  The 6-9 month clothes are a bit tight now and not quite long enough.  I'm guessing we'll have to pull out the 12 month clothes either just before or shortly after his birthday.

Rowan is also very good at throwing temper tantrums when we take something away from him.  He loves our phones, but does not like when we have to take them away.  You would think we were hurting the baby by taking the phone away.  But thankfully he does calm down relatively quickly.  Unless he's tired.  Then it's a rough go for a few minutes.

He has nine teeth popped through now.  Eight teeth in the front and one molar.  The molar was a bit rough for him.  We just picked up some teething tablets the other day-wish we had done that sooner.  They seem to work well for him. Before then we were getting by with tylenol or ibuprofen. 

We had our first scary fever incident earlier this month.  Rowan came down with a fever quick and hard.  Got all the way up to 104.7.  We didn't have to take him into the hospital because he was staying hydrated and we could get the fever down with meds, a cool bath, munching on ice chips, and a cool wash cloth on the back of his neck.  The fever lasted for about 71 hours.  The last time we took his temp, we were going to take him into the doctor if he still had  fever and it was 97 something.  Poor guy just wanted to cuddle, nurse, and sleep. 

While he's pulling himself to standing all the time, he's not seeming all that interested in walking.  He's scooted along the table once, but that's it.  He's perfectly content to crawl.  Ian's betting that he'll go from standing to walking in about a day-once he decides he wants to that is.  =)

That's about it for our little boy.  Next month-his birthday.  Crazy and so very exciting all at the same time!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photos galore!

Nothing but photos.  Enjoy!

It's all fun and games until we realize we can't sit up straight.  And yes...he put himself in there.

I love my puppies!

Swinging is the best!

Daddy's hilarious!

Funny daddy.

Standing tall 
Gamer in training

Preppy even looks cute on this kid

9 and 10 months-words

9 months old and NOT wanting to cooperate for this photo.
10 months old...not looking like a baby anymore
Wow...Rowan is 10 months old now.  Where did this 9th month go?

Since I skipped a month of updates, I may miss some...sorry about that!  This last month and a half has just been crazy.  Rowan got to drive across the state of South Dakota 4 times in 10 days.  Once for a vacation out to Gillette, WY to see his grandma, grandpa, uncle, and cousin.  The second time was out to Rapid City for my uncle's funeral.  He traveled like a champ.  The trip to Rapid City went quickly for Rowan because he had his cousin Derick in the car to keep him entertained.  On top of travels, we were finishing up derby season and found out we need to do some major home repairs (bathroom, roof, and basement).  So all in all, it's  been one busy summer so far and we're just about half way through!  But...enough of my excuses, here are some 'stats' on our no-so little man.

-At his 9 month check, Rowan weight 17lbs and measured 28.15 inches. His doctor wasn't concerned about his growth, but she wasn't happy with it either.  She asked up to step up the breast feeding.  We had been giving him milk 3 times a day and solids 3 times a day.  She asked us to start doing milk at least 4 times a day.  We have been trying...but frankly Rowan's just not that interested any more.  We can get 3 good feedings in no problem.  Getting a 4th good feeding in is hit or miss.  Not sure where he's at weight wise now, but I certainly feel like he's gotten bigger! He's still in 9 month clothes.
-We've added sooooo many new foods into his diet!  He's now eating squash, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, spinach (new), strawberries, blueberries (new), white potatoes (new), mangoes (new), huckleberries, apples, grapes, bananas (he'll eat a WHOLE banana in one sitting if we let him!), pears, peaches, nectarines, yogurt (new), egg yolk (new), chicken (new), hamburger (new), and cheese (new).  I'm sure there are some foods I'm forgetting, but there's so much he's eating now.  He still LOVES to eat everything we put in front of him.  He's a little hit and miss with meat.  He'll happily put it in his mouth.  Sometimes he eats it right away; other times he just lets it sit in his mouth and sucks out the flavor.
-Sleep is still good.  Nights are sleeping 11-12 hours a night.  Naps are getting better.  He's starting to take a good afternoon nap.  Still super sleepy in the morning.
-We have six teeth.  Three on top and three on bottom.  A fourth one on top has looked like it's been wanting to come in for a while, but no luck yet.  With the six teeth in there I'm kind of glad that he's starting to self ween from the breast a little bit =)
-Rowan crawls really well and in starting to pull him self up to standing pretty steadily.  When he stands up he sometimes gets a look like "now what?" and then plops back down.  I'm sure it won't be too long before he's walking around though.
-Rowan's starting to babble with some more sounds.  He's not very conversational though he does talk a's just that most of his sounds are just loud vowel sounds.  Lately though we've started to hear more 'babababa' and 'dadadada' on top of 'nananana' and 'mamamamamama'.  We will hear a distinct "mom" every now and then that just makes me so very happy. (Ian is anxiously waiting to hear "dad") His hearing is fine and according to the audiologist we saw at our ENT appointment (had a meet and greet after our 3rd ear infection just in case we need to talk tubes down the road...nothing yet though!) said he didn't have much fluid there and his ear drums were vibrating.  Guess he's being an average boy and a little slower on the language development than his female counter parts.  
-Rowan is definitely showing preferences.  When he's playing, he definitely has certain books/toys he wants to play with at certain times-and he can get mad when he doesn't get what he wants.  His new favorite book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?"  We have a version that is a 'slide and find' and he's now able to slide the tab over to see the next animal. He loves that book.  I kind of hate reading it to him because it never fails...we take it away to put it back on the shelf when it's time to be done and he SCREAMS because he wants to read it one more time.  He also loves musical toys, Ian's computer, and our cell phones.  (Un)Fortunately Rowan is a smart boy and knows when Ian locks his phone-and he does not like that either.
-Rowan still loves his puppies and really wants to play ball with Bishop. Bishop has yet to realize that when Rowan gets a little older he will play ball for hours on end.  I think once Bishop realizes that he will be the happiest dog in the world.

 That's all the words!  A mass uploading of pictures to follow in the next post!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

8 months old

Well Rowan has hit the 8 month mark. Like all other months this one has flown by. The 7th of each month comes up so quickly. It's hard to believe we'll need to start actually planning a birthday party here soon.
This month was also full of milestones.

-Rowan has 3 teeth fully emerged. One other top tooth looks like it wants to cone in but it's been shy for about 2-3 weeks. Those chompers are sharp though. He bit me once hard enough to draw blood....while nursing. Thankfully it was just the one time.

-Rowan is a crawler! He started to crawl about a week or so ago. He's still a little robotic when he crawls, but he is certainly figuring out how to get around. It's great to see him exploring.

-Rowan said 'mama'. Well, kinda. He says 'mamamamamamama' a lot. He seems to say it when he's hungry, tired,or otherwise upset. I don't think he has connected me to 'mama' completely yet, but I still love hearing that sound.

-Rowan is probably a little over 17 pounds now. He loves his food. We've added squash, zucchini, green beans, and strawberries into his diet. Strawberries were an oops. We gave him some strawberry yogurt things and he really liked them, so we decided to do a strawberry/pear mix. He hasn't seemed to have an allergic reaction, but we're preceding with caution.

I'm quickly realizing my time with Rowan as a baby is coming to an end. He's looking more and more grown up as time goes by. I can't say I was the least bit sad when I got to hold him for an hour and a half while he napped today. It was sweet and something I won't get to do a whole lot more of with him.

Heart. Breaker.

Michief. Maker.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

7 Months Old!

7 Months Old!
Daddy's Mini Me
Rowan turned 7 months old on Sunday.  Crazy to think we're more than 1/2 way to his 1st birthday.  This time last year we were about ready to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  Now we have a happy little boy living in our house that is FULL of personality. 

Rowan's still growing like he should.  He's passed the 16 pound mark...we think.  He seems like he's A LOT heavier.  Either that or I'm getting weaker...  Next official measurements will be at 9 months. 

He loves food!  He's had a few puffs now and does pretty well with them.  Since they're crunchy (at least until they get wet) he's not quite sure what to do with them.  His face is pretty comical when he starts chewing them.  He had his first allergic reaction to food too.  We're not sure if it's pears or the other brand of oatmeal we tried.  Who knew changing brands could cause allergic reactions?  We eliminated both of them from his diet and we'll try to reintroduce them over the next few weeks to see what caused the reaction.  It wasn't anything major, just a little rash around his mouth.  A third tooth just broke through on his upper gum.  That toothy smile just melts my heart.

I. Want. That. Paper.
Got it!
Rowan started to take his pacifier more regularly too.  He's pretty good at putting it in his mouth when he wants it.  He isn't dependent on it to go to sleep, but he'll actually suck on it for a while.  Here's hoping he only stays moderately attached so when we take it away for good it's not traumatizing for him (or us!). 

He's QUITE determined when he wants something too.  He's good at getting what he wants, even if it's 'far' away.  He hasn't quite figured out crawling yet, but he's good at rolling to where he wants to go.  He's up on his hands and knees quite a bit now, so I think crawling will happen soon-ish.  Until that happens, he's content to roll, scoot backwards, and put his head down on the ground once on his knees for a minute.  Silly little boy.

Sleeping so peacefully
He's still sleeping...a lot!  10ish hours per night is regular now.  My only complaint about that is now I no longer have a 5:30 alarm I have to wake up for.  Great on the weekends...bad during the week when I have to work. 

Other than that, we're loving seeing his different facial expressions.  He's so very expressive and happy.  We are laughing to much around him all the time.  He's really brightened our lives and we couldn't be more thankful for our sweet baby boy.

I love playing!

It's a duck!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rowans Favorite Things

Right now Rowan's favorite things include laughing and blowing spit bubbles with his tongue.  We managed to get a video of both.  Though towards the end of the laughing at Bishop video he starts to get tired and a little less laughy and a little more fussy.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

6 months

Well, I think it's safe to say that I slacked BIG TIME in the picture department this last month.  I know there are some on the camera I just need to get uploaded, but there probably aren't that many.  Next month...we'll get some more. 

But...holyhannahbatmanrowanissixmonthsold!  I have a hard time believing that this little boy has been around for six months already.  Let's see...what has Rowan been up to.

-Rowan's 6 month check went really well.  He's 27 inches long (70th percentile) and 15lb 13oz (20th percentile) .  He's a little peanut and just super super sweet.
-He spouted his first teeth.  That's right, teeth not tooth.  The bottom two teeth came just a few days before he turned 6 months old.  Thankfully he handled teething very well.  He was a little fussy, but nothing too bad.  He loved sucking on wet wash cloths too.
-Rowan LOVES to eat food.  In addition to cereal, he's had avocado, banana, sweet potato, peas, carrots, and nectarines (mixed with banana).  He disliked carrots and peas at first...he physically gagged the first time trying them, but after trying them a few time he warmed up and eats them willingly.  I do believe green beans are next for this boy.
-Rowan has finally started to figure out naps.  He's started to take about 3 naps a day, each lasting 1-2 hours.  This is a HUGE change from the 5 or so 30 minute naps he used to take.  It's nice to know he's getting long stretches of sleep.  Helps us to get stuff done (or nap) while he's napping. Night time sleeping is still great.  He's sleeping 8-10 hours each night.  I couldn't ask for a better sleeper.
-Rowan thinks boys are hilarious.  Just about anything Ian does gets hugs laughs.  I do the same thing and I get a courtesy chuckle.  Guess laughs are going to be one of those special things Ian gets to share with Rowan more than me.  Papa got some really good laughs out of Rowan too when they came for a visit.  Nana...courtesy chuckles. 
-Rowan is  rolling machine!  He loves to roll back and forth whenever he's on the floor playing.  He's not really showing interest in crawling at this point, but man can that boy roll.  He's also starting to scoot along a little bit, so it will be interesting to see how he moves along once he decides he wants to be more mobile.
-Rowan has a temper.  He's started to throw baby tantrums when he doesn't get something he wants right away.  He can certainly scream, but he calms down fairly quick when he gets distracted by something else.  But boy oh boy, can that boy get mad.

Rowan also made his first trip back to South Dakota.  Nana and Papa came into Omaha for a few days and we decided to head up to SD so my dad could go to a doctor's appointment and Rowan could meet a few people.  It was a whirlwind trip seeing as we were in Rapid City for about 36 hours, so we certainly didn't get to see everyone we wanted to, but we got to see some very important people.  It was good to be back home even if it was for a short time.  I'm hopeful we'll get to head back later in the spring or early summer, but we'll just have to see how work is going at that point.  

Those are the big highlights.  Hopefully we'll have some more pictures to share soon.  =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey mom! Did you know...

...that there are puppies in the house?!?!?!?  And they are hillarious??

Rowan recently discovered that we have dogs.  Not sure why this is a recent discovery, but it is.  He's absolutely fascinated by them and watches them whenever they are in sight.  He'll also reach out to 'pet' them and loves when Church licks his hands. 

He also randomly started laughing at Bishop last night.  He did it again tonight, and I managed to capture a video of it.  Enjoy!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

5 months

 Rowan is 5 months old now!  I know babies grow and develop a lot in their first year, but man...I feel like this month has been huge for Rowan!  Where to begin...

Double ear infection, a cold, and a little smile
On the bad side of things, Rowan has had his first ear infections...and they've been back to back.  Well-I guess I can't say for sure that the ear infections have been back to back, it may have just been one long ear infection.  We took him to the doctor because he had a red spot on his eye and discovered he had an ear infection in his right ear.  Did amoxicillin for 10 days, and then had a follow up appointment a few days later.  At that follow up appointment Rowan had an ear infection in both ear.  So the pink-bubble gum medicine may not have done the trick OR he got a another ear infection.  Either way, we're on omnicef now.  Here's hoping it works.  His digestive track has been affected WAY more after 2 days of omnicef than all 10 days of amoxicillin, so I'm assuming this new antibiotic is doing more work.

Rowan is also fighting a cold.  He sounds so pathetically sweet when he's sick.  I feel bad for him now because it seems like he's hoarse.  We thought it may be croup or RSV or something, but the doctor didn't think so.  He's not coughing all that much, so that's good.  He's still liking to sleep a lot when he's not feeling so good, so that's amazing.  Sad though that the only time he takes good naps is when he's sick...

Ok, now onto the fun stuff!  Rowan. Loves. Food!  We've only tried cereal and avocados, but he loves them.  He's a little less enthralled by cereal now...but it's pretty bland so I can't say I blame him.  Avocados though...AMAZING!  We're venturing into the world of bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes shortly.  We're making baby food for him, which I have to say really isn't that hard.  Buy some fresh produce, cook it, blend it up with a little milk, and voila!  You've got 2 ingredient baby food.  It's fun to plan what we're going to feed him.  And boy does he love it. 

Tummy time isn't so bad now that I have control
Rowan's been moving around so much too. so much I mean from back to front and front to back and in a circle.  He scoots along pretty well, but is not trying to crawl around yet.  He does love rolling from his back to tummy and back again.  There were a few days in there where he forgot how to roll from his tummy back to his back.  He remembered though, just took him a few days of fussing for a bit and then getting some assistance from Ian or I.

Tummy sleeper
Rowan is also no longer a back sleeper-officially.  When we put him in his crib, he stays on his back long enough for us to wrap him up...sometimes.  Sometimes he's rolled onto his side even before we have the blanket around him.  I was a little nervous about him sleeping on his tummy for a moment-especially when he forgot how to roll back over from his stomach to his back-but he's been doing just fine.  I figure if he put himself onto his stomach, he has the strength to either get him self back onto his back or let us know he needs to be moved.  Guess that's one thing he gets from his mama =)

Figuring out what this guy does
He continues to just be ever so happy and smiley-even when he's feeling sick.  His laughs are more frequent and a bit more predictable now.  We both love making our baby boy giggle.  Rowan does get fussy and frustrated at his toys sometimes when they aren't doing what he wants.  He's starting to realize some of them do things (like make music) and he wants to figure it out.  Sometimes they're a bit tricky for him and he doesn't like that.  But once he figures it out, he has a big happy smile on his face like he's so proud of himself.  It's great to watch him make some of these connections.

We won't have 'official' stats on his size until 6 months, but we know he's still growing.  He's still in 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers when we're using disposables.  At the last doctor's appointment (when we found the double ear infection) he was 15lbs with his clothes on.  So he's continuing to gain weight, which is good...he's just a little peanut though. 

His facial expressions are great too.  He's personality is shining through more and more each day.  I think we're going to have a little jokester and flirt on our hands...

Why so serious?

Oh...I know you!
Lemme smile for you

Friday, February 1, 2013

Nope...not in love

...with breastfeeding that is.

Now...before I go any further, I feel like I need to say that this is not a post about me whining or complaining.  This is just a place for me to express my feelings about my journey breastfeeding Rowan.  I know each mother is different and each child is different...this is just my story so far.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I am so not in love with breastfeeding.  I don't dislike it, in fact there are several things I enjoy about nursing.  I'm thankful for the medical benefits for both Rowan and I.  I'm thankful for the efficiency and convenience of not having to worry about bringing bottles and formula when we're out and about.  I'm thankful for all the smiles and looks Rowan gives me when we're nursing...I think that's my favorite part.  I can you not just feel amazing when you have a sweet baby face inches away from yours that just smiles so brightly. 

But...then there are the parts that aren't exactly my favorite.  I can honestly say I HATE that I'm either tied to a pump or Rowan every three hours of every day.  I don't mind being tied to Rowan, but I hate the fact that if I want to go and do something for more than a few hours without Rowan, I have to bring along my pump and make sure I'm pumping every three-ish hours.  I also hate the fact that I have to pump every morning.  Rowan does a good job of draining 1/2 the milk I make overnight, but he can't drain it all.  So that means I get to pump every morning on top of nursing.  Spending 30-45 minutes each morning draining my udders is not my ideal way to wake up. 

I'm also frustrated with some of the struggles I've had with nursing.  Rowan and I figured out the whole latching thing within the first month, so that was great.  But because I am a freak of nature I produce a lot of milk.  Producing way more milk than Rowan needs has its pros and cons.  It's nice to know we have a freezer full of milk in case I have a dip in production for some reason.  It's also nice to know that I can donate milk to a milk bank in Kansas City for premature babies that need breast milk and can't get it from their mamas for some reason.  The bad thing is it has led to many a blocked duct and two cases of mastitis in the almost 5 months I've been nursing.  And when mastitis hits, I. Feel. Like. Death.  Fever...chills...aches...lethargy...and pain.  Oh the pain I feel in my boob.  Thankfully my milk production has slowed a bit so I'm not waking up in pain due to engorgement every morning.  And here's hoping there's no more mastitis in my future...twice is more than enough.

So do I hate breastfeeding?  Absolutely not!  I am just looking forward to having control over my body.  I'm looking forward to eating and drinking what I want when I want.  I'm looking forward to being able to spend an afternoon away from Rowan having some precious me time without having to plan time to pump.  I don't regret a single second I've spent nursing or pumping.  I don't wish I had that time to do something else.  I'm just not a mother that loves breastfeeding so much I won't want to give it up.  Once Rowan's ready to wean, we're going to tackle that beast full force.  But until then, I have about 7 months of sweet smiles and tender moments to look forward to while nursing my baby boy.  Those are the things that's going to make it possible for me to nurse until Rowan's first birthday...or thereabouts.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4 Months old and Baby's First Christmas

Being Four Months Old is Awesome!
Rowan is 4 months old now!  I may be in the minority of mothers here, but I LOVE seeing him grow!  I love seeing him start to giggle at different things...figure out what his toys do...have 'real' conversations with people.  It's great.  I'm loving every minute of his live and so very excited to see what's going to come next.

I'm so big!
Last week Rowan had his four month check.  He got a positive report from the doctor and everyone just thought he was super adorable.  The doctor even commented that it had been a while since she had a cute boy.  (I don't think I'll ever get tired of people telling me my baby boy is cute)  Rowan had to get his second round of shots.  He really didn't do too bad with them.  He cried (some real tears even) when he got the shots, but calmed down right when I picked him up.  He even smiled for the nurses before the left the room.  I think it made them feel a little bit better knowing he forgave them so quickly.
Baby play date
He also had a follow up appointment with the dermatologist.  He got another positive report from her.  He still has his hemangioma, and it will likely stay there until he's a bit older.  There is no longer an ulceration there though, which is wonderful!  She wants us to be careful with diaper changes still because the hemangioma could keep growing for another couple of months.  Here's hoping it doesn't grow much bigger OR if it does, it doesn't ulcerate again.  That just makes things a bit more complicated.

At four months:
-Rowan is 13 lb 13oz (25 1/2 percentile) and 25 1/2 inches (70th percentile)...not quite sure where tall and skinny comes from.  I was a bit nervous because he dropped in weight percentile from the 44% at 2 months to 25.5% at 4 months, but the doctor wasn't concerned.  She said he was still following a good curve, so he's doing just fine.
- He's consistently rolling from front to back.  He does get stuck sometimes, but he's pretty good about looking around for a little bit and then rolling himself over.  He'll roll himself completely on his side to try and go from back to front, but doesn't get all the way over yet.
- He's chewing on his hands quite a bit and drooling lots.  No teeth seem to be coming up, but we're pretty sure that's on the not so distant horizon
- He's sleeping wonderful.  He goes to bed between 8 and 9 usually, wakes up at about 5 to eat, and then goes back to sleep until about 9.  We're really really lucky.  He's taking three to four short naps during the day (about 30-45 minutes) so most of his sleep is at night.
- He is laughing a lot more now.  He gets such a high pitched's just adorable.  

Daddy set it up so I could play my piano
Sometime in the next month or so we're going to venture into the world of rice cereal.  Crazy to think that he's going to be eating 'solid' food soon.  Starting to figure out what food we're going to make for him first.  Here's hoping he likes more vegetables than his daddy does!

First Christmas Eve
 Rowan's first Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind.  The week just flew by, but it was a wonderful week.  I got some unexpected time off on Christmas Eve, which was the best Christmas present ever!  Ian and I got to enjoy our first Christmas as a little family together.  Complete with Christmas Eve service...and Rowan wearing a bow tie.  He looked simply adorable (in my humble and completely unbiased opinion)  =)

The rest of the week was spent in Lincoln with Ian's family.  Ian's parents were able to come down from Gillette despite some questionable weather and a burst hot water heater.  We were so glad they came down.  Ian's brother Colin also came down and got to meet Rowan for the first time.  Aileen's house was FULL to the brim with the 8 adults, 2 kids, 2 little dogs, and 1 baby...but it was the great to have the whole family under one roof.

This will be full each year, right?
Rowan of course got spoiled beyond belief by both sides of the family.  Rowan's Gigi (my Nana) had a stocking knitted for him that's bigger than him.  I guess someone's expecting Rowan to be on the nice list each year...don't think my sweet boy will have a problem with that.

Love my aunt Aileen
Aunt Larka makes me smile

Grandma and Grandpa

First Christmas hat
Passed out baby