Monday, May 9, 2011's only been a week???

I feel like it has been so much longer than a week since the run...though a lot has happened.  I am still amazed though how good I felt after the run.  My knees are a little angry with me...but I don't know if that's from the run or derby or all the training or a combination of factors.  I'm whipping my knees into shape though.  Here's a picture of me and my friend whom I 'ran' into (no pun intended) during the race.  We ran together for the bulk of the race which made it far less boring.  So glad to have seen you Emmy Lou!

The week before the run, one of our dogs got sick.  She got progressively worse throughout the week so I took her back to the vet on Saturday (after being there on Thursday).  The vet wanted to keep her over the weekend to try and get a fever down and figure out what was wrong with her.  I had been so stressed out with her because she was having seizures and I didn't know what to do.  It was such a relief that she was going to be in 'puppy hospital' while I went down to Lincoln and ran. 

When we got back to Omaha, she was doing pretty much the same.  She was having some seizures and was partially paralyzed.  After talking with the vet the day after the run, we decided to put her down as she was not going to make a recovery.  We're not sure what happened...something neurologically related is all we know.  It was so sad to put her down because she was such a fun loving puppy.  She had turned two about two weeks before we had to put her down.  She was too young, but had we not made the decision we did, then she would have been in our home a very sad and lonely dog compared to the rambunctious pup she was the week before. 

After that, I had to go out of town for work for a night, and then back to the regular practice schedule of derby, then a busy weekend with birthday celebrations and derby stuff, and now we're back to today.  PLUS, last week I decided to run TWO 5K races this summer.  I'm going to run one in Lenexa, Kansas with my brother on the 4th of July.  It will be his first race.  I'm excited to run with him and have a reason to keep running each week.  Then at the end of July, I'm going to run the Warrior Dash with my husband.  This race is an adventure 5K that includes running the 3.1 miles PLUS doing all sorts of crazy obstacles.  We got inspired by a friend of ours and my cousin who is running an adventure 5K in June in Minnesota.  It looks like it will be a blast.  This will also be Ian's first race.  I was honestly very surprised when he said he wanted to run this one, but he said it looked like fun.  I guess that's the adventurous and crazy side of him coming out.  I'm just glad we're going to have a race to train for together.  I'm not sure how my fear of the dark will reconcile with the 'blackout' obstacle...but we'll see when we get there.  At least that's at the beginning of the race so it will be done and over with soon.

I have no doubt this week is going to fly by again.  Ian and I are going to start our training program.  We're going to use the Couch to 5K plan to get us both ready for the 5K in July.  Once again, I'm anticipating my running training will be modified because of my derby practice schedule...but running will be there nonetheless. 

And now I'm off to bed.  Sleep is a beautiful thing...I'm thinking I may try to get more of it here in the near future.  =)

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