Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One month!

Rowan's one month old now!  Wait...what?  A whole month?  Crazy!  He's growing and growing and being awesome in every way possible (not that I'm biased or anything)  =D

-He's consistently sleeping for 4+ hour stretches at night.  He's slept as much as 6 hours a couple of times too...makes night times easy for mom and dad.  He sleeps well during the day most of the time too.  Once he falls asleep, he is OUT.  If he doesn't get to that 'out' level of sleep, he'll take lots of 5 minute cat naps instead of a good long nap.
-He's generally a happy happy baby.  When he has a rough night, he'll fuss and cry for about a half hour, but usually not more than that AND that's before he goes to sleep for the night.  During that half hour, he'll take breaks from crying to sit calmly.  And once he goes to sleep, he'll sleep well.
-During his awake and alert times during the day, he loves to play on his play mat.  He also loves looking into mirrors on his toys.  If we're out and about, he takes everything in and enjoys looking around.  He seems to be very curious and wanting to look at everything.
-He's gaining some major weight.  When we went to the doctor right after 3 weeks, he was up to 8 lb 15 oz.  We'll see how much he puts on between now and his 2 month check!
-He's wearing cloth diapers almost exclusively now.  If he wears disposable diapers, he's wearing size 1.
-He has pretty much outgrown new born clothes.  There are a couple of things that still fit in the new born sizes, but those aren't going to last long.  3 month clothes here we come!  (Good thing that comprises the majority of his wardrobe at this point)

We seriously love our little guy and have enjoyed this last month.  It's hard to remember what life was like before Rowan was here, but I'm loving life as a family of three. 

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