Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4 Months old and Baby's First Christmas

Being Four Months Old is Awesome!
Rowan is 4 months old now!  I may be in the minority of mothers here, but I LOVE seeing him grow!  I love seeing him start to giggle at different things...figure out what his toys do...have 'real' conversations with people.  It's great.  I'm loving every minute of his live and so very excited to see what's going to come next.

I'm so big!
Last week Rowan had his four month check.  He got a positive report from the doctor and everyone just thought he was super adorable.  The doctor even commented that it had been a while since she had a cute boy.  (I don't think I'll ever get tired of people telling me my baby boy is cute)  Rowan had to get his second round of shots.  He really didn't do too bad with them.  He cried (some real tears even) when he got the shots, but calmed down right when I picked him up.  He even smiled for the nurses before the left the room.  I think it made them feel a little bit better knowing he forgave them so quickly.
Baby play date
He also had a follow up appointment with the dermatologist.  He got another positive report from her.  He still has his hemangioma, and it will likely stay there until he's a bit older.  There is no longer an ulceration there though, which is wonderful!  She wants us to be careful with diaper changes still because the hemangioma could keep growing for another couple of months.  Here's hoping it doesn't grow much bigger OR if it does, it doesn't ulcerate again.  That just makes things a bit more complicated.

At four months:
-Rowan is 13 lb 13oz (25 1/2 percentile) and 25 1/2 inches (70th percentile)...not quite sure where tall and skinny comes from.  I was a bit nervous because he dropped in weight percentile from the 44% at 2 months to 25.5% at 4 months, but the doctor wasn't concerned.  She said he was still following a good curve, so he's doing just fine.
- He's consistently rolling from front to back.  He does get stuck sometimes, but he's pretty good about looking around for a little bit and then rolling himself over.  He'll roll himself completely on his side to try and go from back to front, but doesn't get all the way over yet.
- He's chewing on his hands quite a bit and drooling lots.  No teeth seem to be coming up, but we're pretty sure that's on the not so distant horizon
- He's sleeping wonderful.  He goes to bed between 8 and 9 usually, wakes up at about 5 to eat, and then goes back to sleep until about 9.  We're really really lucky.  He's taking three to four short naps during the day (about 30-45 minutes) so most of his sleep is at night.
- He is laughing a lot more now.  He gets such a high pitched giggle...it's just adorable.  

Daddy set it up so I could play my piano
Sometime in the next month or so we're going to venture into the world of rice cereal.  Crazy to think that he's going to be eating 'solid' food soon.  Starting to figure out what food we're going to make for him first.  Here's hoping he likes more vegetables than his daddy does!

First Christmas Eve
 Rowan's first Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind.  The week just flew by, but it was a wonderful week.  I got some unexpected time off on Christmas Eve, which was the best Christmas present ever!  Ian and I got to enjoy our first Christmas as a little family together.  Complete with Christmas Eve service...and Rowan wearing a bow tie.  He looked simply adorable (in my humble and completely unbiased opinion)  =)

The rest of the week was spent in Lincoln with Ian's family.  Ian's parents were able to come down from Gillette despite some questionable weather and a burst hot water heater.  We were so glad they came down.  Ian's brother Colin also came down and got to meet Rowan for the first time.  Aileen's house was FULL to the brim with the 8 adults, 2 kids, 2 little dogs, and 1 baby...but it was the great to have the whole family under one roof.

This will be full each year, right?
Rowan of course got spoiled beyond belief by both sides of the family.  Rowan's Gigi (my Nana) had a stocking knitted for him that's bigger than him.  I guess someone's expecting Rowan to be on the nice list each year...don't think my sweet boy will have a problem with that.

Love my aunt Aileen
Aunt Larka makes me smile

Grandma and Grandpa

First Christmas hat
Passed out baby

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