Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And then he was TWO!

I'm Two Years Old!
It's hard to believe that two years ago Ian and I met Rowan for the first time.  I truthfully have a hard time imagining what life was like before that.  Most of the times that's a good thing...though Ian and I were reminiscing the other day about how meals out used to be a fun occasion where we didn't have to worry about keeping a child in his seat, making sure he eats, cleaning up the inevitable spills and messes...but I don't mind messy meals Rowan yells "mama!" when I walk in the door after work or feel his really good hugs.  He continues to amaze me and is making me laugh more and more every day.  Which is good, considering he's also a full fledged toddler now with all the challenges they bring.

LOVES the train at the zoo
I think the biggest thing that strikes me about Rowan at this age is his vocabulary.  Oh. My. Goodness.  He has so many words!  And he's putting together 2 and 3 word sentences!  I know that's 'normal' at this age, but seriously...his vocab is off the charts.  He parrots EVERYTHING and is able to come up with words on his own.  He narrates things he sees on TV or in the car.  He requests we turn the music and air conditioning on in the car.  He identifies objects in books.  He tells us 'stop please' or 'no thank you' when he's done being tickled by the tickle monster. It's crazy!  He makes my mom heart very, very proud.

Blowing out birthday candles
He's also becoming fairly independent.  We can ask him what he wants for a snack (usually by giving him options) and he'll tell us.  If he wants his juice or milk, we can tell him where it is and he'll go get it, even if it's in the fridge.  He'll also put his milk or juice back in the fridge if we ask him.  What what?  I think some of these tricks will be QUITE helpful here after his brother comes.

As wonderful as his independence can be, it is certainly a double edged sword.  He LOVES the words 'no' and 'NO!!!!!!!!!!!'.  He also has a mind of his own when it comes to playing with some toys or games.  If he wants to play with a toy, he'll play with it regardless of whether or not it really is his toy.  He also likes to make lots of noise...a trait I fully blame his father for.  He still likes to throw toys or swipe them off the table when he gets mad.  I know he'll learn to control his anger as he gets older, but man...that day won't come fast enough.

Focused on water colors
We made the TERRIBLE mistake of legitimately losing his pacifier about a week before his birthday.  We planned on taking it away sooner rather than later, but were waiting since he A) only used it at nap/bed time and B) had enough changes in his life with the move this summer and baby brother in a few weeks.  However it got lost one day, so we decided to be done with it.  The first night, you wouldn't have known the different.  Every night after that...yikes.  His bedtime routine used to be so easy.  Bath.  Diaper.  Books. Bed. No fussing.  No rocking.  No nothing.  Just lay down in bed and he was out.  Without the pacifier he needed rocking or back rubbing or having us sit in his room until he fell asleep. BUT, we had to leave the room first so he would get PISSED and then he would go to sleep.  If we just tried to rub his back, rock him, or stay in his room reading until he fell asleep, it became a game for him and it would take over an hour to get him to sleep...and we'd still end up making him mad because we'd have to leave the room knowing the process was becoming a game for him.  The last couple of nights have been better.  Tonight I put him in bed and left the room without him crying.  Ian went to check on him and rub his back for a while, and he wasn't falling asleep.  So Ian left and Rowan didn't cry.  It's not perfect yet, but tonight we may have turned a corner...or it could be a fluke.  But...I'll take even a couple of easy bed time nights we have so sorely missed.

Jake's Pirate ship...a new obsession.  Yo-ho!
Other than that, he's still our sweet little peanut.  He's about average for height-34.25 inches but a skinny butt at 23lb 6oz.  Our doctor says he's following a good curve, and he still eats like a champ (most days)...he's just a skinny, skinny boy.  He is working on his last molar to have his full set of teeth.  Yup...all 24 of them.  Nice that we'll be done with teething until he's older.  Now we just need to get him into the dentist for a meet and greet.

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