Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big difference in 3 months

Rowan at 8 weeks
 So, this post does have a lot of pictures, but none of me.  =)  This one is all pictures of Rowan.  I remember being so excited when we went in for our first appointment and seeing the little guy (though I didn't know it was a guy at the time).  That first appointment was very nerve wracking for me (and I'm sure Ian too).  We didn't know what this pregnancy was going to hold.  It took a while for me to come to terms with that (I think I talked about that in my first blog post of this pregnancy?).  Anyway, it was the best feeling when we went for that first appointment and saw a little heart beat in that ultra sound.  It was just a little flutter on the screen...but it was there.  Victory!
Profile of a bunched up baby Rowan

 Eleven weeks later, we got to see Rowan again.  This time my mom got to be there, which was just wonderful.  It was great to see him on the screen moving around.  He was pretty active...even danced a little jig.  I felt a little bad for the ultra sound tech because she had a hard time getting all the shots he needed.  He started up curled up in a tight little ball.  Feet behind the head and everything.  Then he started moving more and more.   I guess this explains why I've been feeling little kicks more frequently...and a few punches (see picture below)  =)

She was eventually able to get all the measurements she needed (and a few great shots of him).  He had a great strong heartbeat (155 bpm).  He was measuring a little bit ahead of schedule.  Our ultra sound was right at 19 weeks, and all his measurements (head, abdomen, and femur) were measure at 20+ weeks.  Only reason that makes me nervous is because Ian was a big baby...10 lbs 11 oz.  Here's hoping Rowan is a bit more normal sized.  Even though he was measuring a bit big, our doctor didn't feel like it was enough to move the due date.  September 6th it stands.

Now that we're halfway through this pregnancy, I'm realizing how much we have to do still.  Since we've been out of town so much lately we haven't done much looking at all for furniture, car seat, stroller...pretty much anything.  Guess we'll have a few things to add to our weekend to do lists =)  But, now the fun stuff begins.  All Rowan has to do is keep growing and getting bigger...just not too big.
Alien face!  =)
Paying homage to ORG in the 2011 South Central Region Playoffs
Five perfect fingers
Crossed baby feet

Little foot

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