Monday, April 9, 2012 promised!

Eek!  15 weeks.  Beginnings of a bump.
 Well, as I've promised here are a couple of pictures of my 'bump'.  (Apparently it's impossible for me to make a 'normal' face with baby bump pictures.  I looked through the ones Ian took...I look goofy in all of them) 

There's definitely something there, and Baby V is reminding me of that more and more with their movements.  Nothing is all that regular yet, but every now and then I'm caught off guard with a little flutter in my tummy.  I'm super excited for Ian to be able to feel it too in a few weeks. 

That's it right there! Baby bump! 17 weeks.

We go in to the doctor again on Thursday.  I'm really excited about this appointment because my mom's going to be able to come with us.  We'll be 19 weeks when we go in, so we'll have our ultrasound.  If baby cooperates, we'll be able to find out the gender.  I'm just so glad that mom will be able to be there and see her grand baby with us.  I'm also looking forward to seeing this munchkin again.  Last time we saw it, it was just a little peanut at 8 weeks.  I'm guessing it looks a little different now =)

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