Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm at the point now where I'm really anxious and oh so ready to meet this kid!  I as thinking he'd be here by now, but nope...he's comfy.  I know he's not 'due' until Thursday...and really a due date is just a relative term...but come on kid...let's get this show on the road! 

39.5 weeks...3 days to due date
Ok...that's enough of me whining and throwing a temper tantrum now.  I'm still feeling pretty good...though I would say I'm only 'comfortable' about 5 minutes each day.  Sleep has been OK.  Last night I was really restless and did not want to go to bed.  Once I finally forced myself to go to bed (it wasn't that late...11:00 or so), it took me a while to fall asleep.  I'm still waking up at least once to go to the bathroom...and now when I roll over from one side to the other I'm waking myself up as well.  Part of it is moving the giant belly and another part is feeling the 'pop' in my lower back or hips each time.  (Guess that means my joints are all loosey goosey and ready to go?)  My energy is really good in the morning so I've been taking advantage of my ability to work from home and using that extra time in the mornings to go on walks.  With the return of summer (including the humidity...where did that come from???), morning walks are far better than afternoon/evening walks.
My body is showing so many signs of being ready to go into labor.  Rowan has dropped a bit more, but I'm not seeing a huge change in my belly.  He's still head down and moving his feet quite a bit.  It's weird to feel (and see) his feet move along my belly.  Braxton-Hicks contractions are more frequent and stronger.  I've had less patience than normal.  I wouldn't say I've really done a lot of 'nesting'...but Ian may beg to differ. Oh yeah...and my belly is HUGE!

I'm resisting the temptation to try all the things that are supposed to get labor started.  Partly because there's so little empirical evidence that they work (though the stories people tell are pretty convincing), and partly because I'm just trying to relax and enjoy these last days (hopefully few days) of life before kids.  While I can honestly say I'm 'over' this pregnancy thing, I know Rowan will come when he's ready.  If for some reason he decides to be stubborn, then we'll talk about induction when it becomes medically necessary.  Until then, all I can do is relax and let my kid work with my body in deciding when it's time to come out. 

So until the kid decides to come out, we'll just keep on moving a long waiting for him to grace us with his presence.

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