Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little joys

I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to meet Rowan.  I'm really looking forward to seeing this child that's been residing in my belly for the last 9 months.  I'm excited to see what will make him laugh and what his interests will be.  But...there are a few things I'm looking forward to for myself as well...

1. Sleeping on my stomach!  I have been sleeping well...but I soooooo miss crawling into bed and rolling over onto my stomach to fall asleep.
2. Eating some of my favorite foods!  I did not realize how ingrained it was in my brain to eat cookie dough, or brownie batter, or cake batter when I bake.  I really miss all of those little treats. Plus, every now and then a medium rare steak or a glass of wine just sounds amazing.  All of those things will be consumed again in the near future.  Nom nom nom...
3. Roller skating!  Well heck, good exercise in general.  I kinda miss running, but I really miss skating.  Every now and then when I go to derby scrimmage I get a little sad.  Here's hoping I still remember how to skate well enough I can pass my basic skills requirements and can start skating with the team again in January.  Endurance will kick. my. butt. for a while (more so than usual at least).  But man...looking forward to it nonetheless.
4. Moving gracefully!  I feel like everything I do now is awkward.  Getting in and our of the and out of bed...putting on name it, I look like a clumsy cow trying to do it.  I guess I can't expect much else though considering the solid mass of baby protruding from my mid section.  But goodness gracious...being able to move freely again is going to feel beyond amazing.

I'm not quite ready to begin 'Operation Baby Eviction'...but...the cookie dough my mom made and left in my freezer is calling my name a little more loudly each day. 

Consider yourself warned Rowan...if you don't make your move for the door in the next two weeks, I'll be doing just about anything and everything to get you to move out so I can demolish that cookie dough.  LOVE YOU! =)

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  1. I was so sad, 'cause I heard that 1 glass of wine is okay now and then and I took a few sips of pinot noir and it tasted like butt ('scuse my language...) so my husband got to enjoy it's probable yumminess. I can't WAIT to have a yummy FULL glass of wine, and am now counting down the days until February for more than 1 reason... lol, and I WILL be having a glass on the 18th for my birthday, so this little one isn't going more than a week past its due date on the 5th!