Saturday, August 10, 2013

11 Months

Holy crap...that means in 4 weeks from today my baby boy will be O-N-E.  That's just crazy!  It's so bizarre to think of all that he's been through this year.  He started not being able to do much of anything...just eat, sleep, and poop pretty much.  Now he's crawling, standing, eating solid food (and real solid food...not mushed up food), laughing, having temper tantrums, and showing some definite preferences. I'm constantly amazed at how we are created.  Life truly is a miracle and I'm so thankful that We were entrusted with Rowan.  We're pretty darn lucky.

Alright...enough sappy talk.  Rowan...11 months.  What's going on in his life?  Well, not much new.  He's eating solid food almost exclusively.  I'm still breastfeeding about 3 times a day.  He nurses first thing in the morning and before bed.  He'll usually nurse once more during the day-either around lunch time or mid afternoon.  He'll get milk in sippy cups too and does really well with that.  He loves fruit, dairy, and MEAT!  This boy is definitely a meat eater at heart.  He shows his preferences at meal time every day.  We'll put a variety of foods on his high chair, and he'll immidiately go for his favorites.  One of our new favorite meal time games is feed the puppies.  If the dogs are inside, Rowan loves to throw his left over food on the floor and watch the dogs eat it.  Thankfully he's good about eating for himself first before feeding the dogs, but feeding the dogs is hil-arious.  It's even better when the dogs come up and lick his hands.  Belly laughs.  Every. Time.

We're sure he's put on weight, but we're not sure how much.  He definitely had a good growth spurt and is much longer now.  He also looks quite a bit chunkier in the thighs and belly.  Anxious to see where he's at at his next check.  Even though he's gained weight, he's still a peanut.  Just growing out of size 2 diapers (using disposables at night time) and still in 9 month clothes.  The 6-9 month clothes are a bit tight now and not quite long enough.  I'm guessing we'll have to pull out the 12 month clothes either just before or shortly after his birthday.

Rowan is also very good at throwing temper tantrums when we take something away from him.  He loves our phones, but does not like when we have to take them away.  You would think we were hurting the baby by taking the phone away.  But thankfully he does calm down relatively quickly.  Unless he's tired.  Then it's a rough go for a few minutes.

He has nine teeth popped through now.  Eight teeth in the front and one molar.  The molar was a bit rough for him.  We just picked up some teething tablets the other day-wish we had done that sooner.  They seem to work well for him. Before then we were getting by with tylenol or ibuprofen. 

We had our first scary fever incident earlier this month.  Rowan came down with a fever quick and hard.  Got all the way up to 104.7.  We didn't have to take him into the hospital because he was staying hydrated and we could get the fever down with meds, a cool bath, munching on ice chips, and a cool wash cloth on the back of his neck.  The fever lasted for about 71 hours.  The last time we took his temp, we were going to take him into the doctor if he still had  fever and it was 97 something.  Poor guy just wanted to cuddle, nurse, and sleep. 

While he's pulling himself to standing all the time, he's not seeming all that interested in walking.  He's scooted along the table once, but that's it.  He's perfectly content to crawl.  Ian's betting that he'll go from standing to walking in about a day-once he decides he wants to that is.  =)

That's about it for our little boy.  Next month-his birthday.  Crazy and so very exciting all at the same time!

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