Sunday, December 22, 2013

15+ months

Oh much that I haven't written about lately.  We've had a few things happen in the last four months.  Rowan turned 1 (O-N-E!!!!!!).  Rowan enjoyed a couple of weeks with both mom and dad home while I was furloughed.  We've done a trip up to Minnesota and two to Kansas City.  Rowan got to go trick or treating with his cousin Hudson.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And now w'ere getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is still my favorite time of year. I'm so glad that we get to celebrate with our friends and family.  Plus I feel like this is Rowan's 'real' first Christmas.  I know we had Christmas with him last year, but he was still so little.  This year Rowan is starting to get Christmas.  He loves reading our Christmas books and doing our advent calendar each night (though I suppose the fact that our advent calendar comes with a daily dose of chocolate has nothing to do with it...)  Plus this year for Christmas we'll get to see both sets of grandparents.  Bonus!

Alright, that's enough talking for now.  Here are some vital stats and pictures!

-Rowan has grown quite a bit.  I honestly can't remember what he was at a year (and I somehow managed to NOT write it down somewhere) but he was 19lb 7oz at his first 15 month check.  He was super sick at his 15 month check.  He hadn't eaten much the couple of days before so we're guessing he had lost a little weight.  Since he was sick, our doctor didn't want to do shots that day.  So we ended up going back just shy of 2 weeks later for shots and a weight check.  He's now 20lb 7oz.  So yeah...not eating for a few days takes a toll on a baby's weight.  He's about 32 inches long too.
-Rowan now has 13 teeth.  Almost has a full set of chompers!  He loves to brush his teeth each night.
-Rowan has a few more words now (banana, uh-oh, mom, dad, woof).  He also tells the dogs to sit (kind's more of a short "eh", but he only says it when we tell the dogs to sit).  He has a few signs too (milk, eat, please and we're working on bath and water).  He has also learned to shake his head no...and he does that one a lot.
-No walking yet, he's content to crawl and be carried.  He's willing to stand unassisted for a bit now. Yesterday he even took a small step towards Ian after standing unassisted for about 20 seconds.  Walking is on the horizon, just not sure how far away that horizon is yet.
Avid reader.  We have to read each day, and he knows which books  he wants to read on any given day.
I'm ONE and awesome!

Halloween 2013

We loved pumpkins, before cutting them up

And then we cut them

But carving with mom was fun.

Daddy's boy


Ready for our next adventure!
Lounging in his big boy car seat

Bath time.  True story: Mom spelled out Rowan, and Rowan added the V onto the wall.  We know, we know...genius child 

MacLeod family-December 2013

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