Saturday, April 4, 2015

Killean 6 months

Yes...yes...I'm late on this.  What can I say? It's harder to be punctual with these updates when you have two small children running around to take care of.  Excuse? Perhaps.  Truth? Deifnitely.

6 months old!
Killean is now SIX MONTHS OLD!!!  It's hard to believe he's halfway to his first birthday. It's even weirder to think where we were at this time last year.  We were still in Omaha, just starting the process of selling our house to move down to Lincoln and adjusting to the idea of having a second child.  Now, we're settled into our house and (dare I say it) in a routine of our lives. 

Killean continues to grow.  He is just shy of 17 pounds and about 26.5 inches.  He is still wearing 6 months clothes, though he will probably be transitioning into 9 months clothes soon.  I put him in a 3-6 month onesie the other day, and promptly took him out of it because it was way to small.  Straight 6 month clothes are still ok (unless they're Target brand)...for now. 

Carrots coming out.
No teeth have popped through the gums yet.  He's gumming toys and his hands all the time, but no sign of teeth yet.  That's probably a good thing because food has NOT being going well.  We've tried carrots and squash.  He does not like either.  If we're lucky enough to get a bit into his mouth, he promptly A) spits it out or B) gags so much he sounds like he's about ready to throw up.  Here's hoping we find something he likes better than carrots and squash.

Sleeping is...OK?  Most nights he wakes up once to eat. Sometimes twice.  He is pretty good at just going back to sleep.  Every now and then, he wakes up to just talk for a while before eating.  He goes to bed pretty easy, so all in all pretty good.  We had a couple of rough nights not too long ago.  We were pretty mean to him...ear infection, 6 month shots, introducing food, and moving him into sharing a room with his brother all in the course of 3-4 days.  So we had a rough week or so, but now we're back on track.  Next step: hoping he sleeps 7-8 hours in the near future.  I'm looking forward to that. So. Very. Much.

His disposition is happy.  He smiles and laughs a lot.  He's starting to get an 'evil' looking smile which is devilish and adorable.  He loves his brother too.  He also loves his jumper. 

We love him =)
Little Raphael

Watching big brother

Happy, smiley boy

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