Sunday, April 26, 2015

Killean 7 months

7 Months Old
 Killean is now 7 months old!  He's more than 6 months old...we're more than half way to his first birthday.  Ho.Ly. Crap.  These 7 months have gone by so incredibly fast...and at times they feel like they've dragged on forever-though I think that's mostly due to feeling like I have no clue how to raise a baby since he's so very different than Rowan.  But more than anything, I can't imagine what life was like before we had two precious little boys in our family.

Happy Easter Baby
Killean continues to prove he is his own person and dramatically different than his brother.  After he crossed that 6 month mark, we decided to attempt 'solid' foods.  Now, solid foods for babies really isn't solid food.  It's food that gets pureed to a lovely runny consistency and we expect babies to love it.  Right?  Rowan certainly did.  We could feed him anything and he'd eat it.  He didn't even mind baby cereal.  Killean has struggled to find a food he'll eat.  We've discovered that he does much better with food when we put it in one of those mesh teething pouches and let him eat real food rather than the pureed version. But even then, we're not always winning.  He has liked bananas and blueberries...and that's it.  He seems to like avocados OK.  Squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots are a no go.  He didn't mind gumming on broccoli, but when it came to actually eating it...he wasn't impressed.  So he's still about 95% nourished by milk alone. Not sure what his official weight is, but it's certainly over 17 pounds now.  He's still fitting into 6 months clothes, but I'm starting to make the switch in his closet since some 6 month clothes are pretty tight.  There's such a big change between 6 and 9 month things I guess he'll either be in tight clothes or baggy clothes until he grows just a little bit bigger.

Easter Twinsies
I'm still off dairy.  I've started to become much more strict in what I'll eat.  Up until this point, I haven't been too concerned with watching out for small bits of dairy in foods.  I ate a little bit of chocolate regularly.  I also didn't read all the labels on bread products that certainly contained a little bit of milk.  Right before he turned 7 months I decided to become much more strict in hopes of getting his sleep sorted out.  I noticed a rash develop on his neck after Easter when I ate some foods that definitely had milk in them, so figured it wouldn't hurt to become more strict.  I haven't noticed an improvement in sleep yet, but I have noticed a small lingering rash on his back/stomach has gone away.  Looks like I'm in for an ice-cream-less summer.  Here's hoping he grows out of this dairy sensitivity before his first birthday (fingers crossed!)

Teeth...we have teeth!  Had popped his two bottom teeth through on the SAME DAY.  We had a terrible night on the 13th, and then on the 14th I noticed there were two little teeth on his bottom gums. Guess that explains his terrible night?  No other teeth popping through yet, but I'm not going to be surprised if they all come in pairs since his first two came through at the exact same time.

Bath time with brother
And sleep...or lack there of.  Killean still does not want to sleep through the night.  He seems to think he needs to get up every two hours.  Frankly, this is getting old.  I understand he's little...and I understand it's normal for babies to not sleep for a solid 8ish hours when they're this age.  But seriously kid...every two hours?  I'm hoping that in the near future we see a change in this pattern.  Last night was better?  He went for about 3 1/2 hours, then 2 hours, then another 3 1/2.  If we can just combine some of those chunks and get one wake up after about 5 hours that would be wonderful.  I think I'll feel more human if that becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Cloth diapers aren't going as well for Killean.  Turns out high efficiency washing machines work very different than the traditional washing machines we used when cloth diapering Rowan.  Since they work differently, you have to wash diapers differently...or else you get build ups which can result in amonia burns on your baby.  Ouch.  We got that issue all sorted out though, and are back to using cloth diapers about 50% of the time.

He has started to move around like crazy.  He isn't 'crawling' but he can motor around and get to where he wants.  He's doing an army crawl most of the time.  He sometimes will get up on all fours and look like he's wanting to crawl, he's just not getting it consistently.  He doesn't have a need to really either since he's pretty efficient with his army crawling.

Slightly evil smile
Killean continues to be a happy baby.  He really only gets upset when we have the audacity to try and make him sleep, or if he doesn't get fed the SECOND he decides his hungry.  Most of the time though he's great at going with the flow and happy to just be where ever we are.  His laughs and smiles come freely.  He is starting to scrunch up his face when he smiles (proof that he's my baby) and we're capturing lots of evil looking faces in pictures.

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