Sunday, July 26, 2015

Killean 10 months

10 Month and a little firecracker!

Killean is now 10 months old!  But if you ask this kid, he's much older than that.  Seriously, nothing slows this kid down!  If he's awake, he's on the move.  He crawls everywhere and climbs on everything.  He is trying VERY hard to walk too.  He loves to push the walker toy we have and looks soooooooo proud when he does! He is also trying to take steps unassisted.  He will stand unassisted few a few seconds, look at us, and try to take a couple of steps.  He usually takes 1-2 and then falls forward.  But even if we don't catch him, he's not phased.  He just gets up and moves onto the next thing. 

He loves to climb...oh boy does he love to climb! He's going up the stairs like a pro.  He also likes to climb onto brother's train table.  And the play equipment at the park/mall/play place.  He'll climb up the stairs and the slide too.  Like I said...he thinks he's bigger than he actually is. 

He still only has four teeth.  I was convinced he was going to get a couple more the other week, but nothing yet.  He's got a cute little gap between his top two teeth too.  It's very adorable.  =)

He officially loves food now.  He eats the purees we give him, but definitely likes finger food.  We haven't followed all the food rules this time around (I've heard second time parent are much more relaxed than first time parents?).  He's had whole egg as well as some almond milk.  He loves to sneak bites of my cereal, so that's where the almond milk comes in.  He seems to like chicken pretty well too.  And beans.  And bananas.  Oh my goodness does this boy love bananas!  For a while I thought bananas plugged him up, but he seems to handle those OK now. 

We're still off dairy, but I think he's getting less sensitive.  I haven't been as strict lately, and we haven't seen any apparent digestive issues or rashes appear. So...maybe...possibly, he's working through his dairy issue!  Thank goodness!  I can't wait to have mac and cheese soon!!!!!!

Sleep is the same.  He's doing some longer stretches in the first part of the night.  He's still struggling in the week morning hours.  Last night he was up at 3:30 and 5:30 and then finally for good at 7:30.  He's napping pretty well though.  Morning nap is longer-about 1 1/2 hours.  Afternoon nap is shorter-about an hour.  But he's generally happy during the day despite the interrupted sleep.  So I can manage with some coffee and Ian manages with an afternoon nap most days too.

This little boy is so much fun.  He keeps us on our toes for sure, but we love him and all his fiesty-ness. 

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