Saturday, June 27, 2015

9 months

9 months!!!
Killean is now nine months old!  I suppose it's time for a short (emphasis on short) and sweet update on this little guy.

Killean now how four teeth-two on top, and two on bottom. I'm sure more are coming...and probably will be in rapid succession too!

He is 17lb 13.6oz.  So it seems he has lost a little weight since we took him in around 8 months, but only a few ounces.  Still, surprised both Ian and I.  Doctor isn't concerned about his weight or height.  They are around the 10th-15th percentile each, so he's proportionate.

He is starting to like food a little bit better.  As long as there is some fruit mixed in with whatever we're eating, he'll take it OK.  His favorites seems to be peaches/nectarines and bananas.  He does love finger food though!  We aren't doing that much finger food yet, but cut up blue berries, puffs, and then steamed veggies seems to go over pretty well for him.

His sleep is still not good.  The early morning time seems to be the worst now.  3am to 6am is filled with frequent feedings and nursing is the only thing that will get him to go back to sleep easily.  It can't last forever right?

He is quite happy though.  A mama's boy to the extreme. Stands all the time and cruises around furniture like a pro.  I would be surprised if he's not walking around his birthday.  He loves to clap and is starting to dance to music too!  Just a few minutes ago he was jamming out to "Moves like Jagger".  Proof that he is my kid =)

His eyes-so blue.  His hair-so red.  Our fiery little boy is a joy despite the lack of sleep.

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