Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meaning of a milestone


Wow...I can't believe I get to write this post knowing people are going to be able to see it and read it.  Ian and I are officially 12 weeks along in our preganancy.  Things have continued to go well.  We went in at 11 weeks for our second appointment to hear the heartbeat and the doctor found it right away.  She said it was good and strong...was such a great thing to hear.  It was so much fun getting to tell friends and family that we are expecting and that things are going well.  I even got to tease a cousin of mine about it a little bit.  Amanda, you made my night last week!  =)

So, how have things been going these last 12 weeks?  Amazingly well.  I can't really complain about the symptoms I've been feeling.  I was EXHAUSTED for a couple of weeks...right around weeks 9 and 10.  We're talking 8:30 or 9:00 bed times type exhausted.  Naps on the weekends have quickly become my best friends.  I also continue to feel a bit quesy if I don't eat regularly enough.  I haven't gotten sick, but earlier today and last night I was pretty darn close.  Thankfully a few crackers seems to settle my stomache quickly.  Red meat is still less than appealing, though I managed to successfully eat a taco the other night...progress!  I am starting to feel some clothes fit a little tighter, though I'm not sure how much of that is due to baby and how much is due to my decreased activity level. 

Excercise has been the most difficult thing for me to adjust to.  My doctor has advised me to make sure my heart rate does not get above 150 beats per minute.  I was using a heart rate when I was running and skating.  Yes...those verbs are supposed to be in the past tense.  I am done skating as of last week and haven't gone running for a few weeks.  I think those would have been much harder to give up if I had more energy over the last few weeks.  I decided to stop runnign just because of the the heart rate thing.  I found that if I was running a steady 12 minute mile, I was getting my heart rate above 150 beats after about 1/2 or 3/4 or a mile.  That just became too frustrating for me.  Skating was the same thing...in a normal practice I would be able to skate fast...watching my heart rate meant slowing my pace WAAAAAAAY down.  So I've gone from working out hard 9-12 hours a week to taking nice leisurely walks 5-6 times a week (that's my goal at least).  I think the change in my excercise routine is reason enough why I've gained about 3 pounds so far and have felt some clothes fit differently.  Ahhhh the changes to experience.  I'm really not worried about weight gain though, as long as I am still healthy and my doctor isn't concerned about my blood work.  I know it's all for a good cause, and training for a half marathon next year will help me to get back to where I was weight/size/health wise before Baby V.

Will keep you all posted (with pictures I promise!) here in the coming weeks.  28 weeks to go...it's going to fly but I am so excited to see/feel/experience all these changes in our lives.  =)

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