Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Ready

Warning...there's a lot I feel like I need to update, so this may be a bit long.

Changing pad
Ahh...where to start.  We're 34 weeks along, crazy!  Only about 6 weeks until due date, but really about 3 more weeks until he could come any time.  That's just crazy to me.  It's hard to believe that we're really going to experience parenthood shortly.  It's such a relief too to know that if he were to come early, at this point he'd likely be just fine and wouldn't be likely to experience long term complications. 

Nursing cover
LOVE  this fabric
Diaper bag with changing pad in it
We've been busy getting ready.  A friend of mine and I spent a weekend making some different things for our babies.  She's pregnant and due about two weeks after us.  Together, we made nursing covers and changing pads that go in diaper bags.  I made a nursing pillow and a diaper bag as well. The diaper bag was a bit of an adventure, but I think we'll like it.  Initially, I followed a pattern in a baby sewing book that I had, but it was pretty small and there weren't that many pockets.  So Ian and I talked and figured out a few modifications we'd make.  So...I had my first adventure in sewing something without a pattern.  I like how it looks so's hoping the changes we made make it more functional. We're relying on the talents of Rowan's wonderful Aunt to add a bit of style to the diaper bag.  Once it's done, I'll post a picture.  I'm guessing these are all things we'll use pretty regularly, so it's a step in the right direction to feel ready when he comes.  Stroller and car seat are out of the boxes.  Car seat is getting installed in our car this weekend too. 

Rowan's room is getting closer to being ready too.  We went back to Rapid City a few weeks ago to visit some family.  While we were there, my mom's friend Calene had a shower for us.  It was amazing and a bit humbling to see how some people I hadn't seen for a very long time still wanted to come and celebrate this new chapter in our lives.  We were given quite a few fun little things and cute clothes for Rowan too.  Filling the nursery up with those things-especially all the clothes-made it seem a bit more real that he is going to be here soon.   

I've continued to feel good...though each day is getting a bit more uncomfortable.  Getting out of bed each morning is getting more and more awkward, though I'm still sleeping pretty well.  My sleep in the morning is a bit restless, but not too disturbed.  My feet haven't been too swollen, but some days are worse than others.  (They are a bit bigger now...that's a little weird to me.)  If I'm on my feet for too long though, they are pretty sore the next day or that evening.  My wedding ring almost doesn't fit any more.  Work is getting to be a bit uncomfortable too sitting at my desk for a full day.  It's hard to find a way to sit for 8 or 9 hours that's comfortable.  So yes...I feel good, but I have a feeling I'll be very ready to have this baby in a few weeks.

34 weeks-belly's getting bigger!
Doctor's appointments have still been positive.  Rowan's growing like he should, though he hasn't decided to go head first permanently.  At our 31 week appointment, his head was our 33 week appointment, his head was off to the side.  Our doctor was out of town (3 week vacation in Amsterdam I guess...rough life) for our 33 week appointment, so we saw a midwife at our doctor's office.  She seemed a little concerned that he wasn't head first yet, so she gave me a few exercises to do to encourage him to move head first.  Good news is he hasn't settled into the pelvis so he's got time to move around and flip still.  We'll see the midwife for one more appointment before our doctor comes back.  If he's still head up at that point, I'll start getting a bit, not so much.  I trust he'll get where he needs to be when the time is right.  I'm thinking he's just taking advantage of the space he has while he can.  He's moving around quite a bit and makes my tummy dance most nights.  Ian says he's still pretty active late at night...glad I can sleep through the party in my belly. 

Our childbirth class is wrapping up soon.  I feel like it's been a good class-spent a lot of time going over the different stages of labor and feelings women typically experience during each stage.  It was good to learn a few different ways to cope with labor sensations.  Ian's been great going through the classes with me...even when he has to do the guided group meditation.  Not exactly Ian's favorite thing or style, but he puts up with it and doesn't even complain.  Once the class is over, we'll be 37 weeks and 'officially' ready for him to make his debut. 

So yes...we're getting close to being ready.  I'm almost to the point of counting down days...but not quite there yet...that's another step down the road of readiness.

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  1. My wedding set consists of my engagement ring and two solid bands... I've already sized one up a full size to be prepared (it was already a bit snug from post-wedding weight I put on, now it's loosey goosey w/ room for me to puff into it...) I'll just wear the 1 band through-out the pregnancy and then get it sized down once Madi/Jax gets here... Oh and btw... CUTE stuff! :) I am so happy for you guys!