Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Before the cleaning and organizing began...
Well after a busy weekend, Ian and I can officially say Rowan's room is ready.  It was a little overwhelming going through all the things he was given at showers.  Needless to say we have AMAZING family and friends.  I can honestly say I don't think we'll need to buy this kid anything until he no longer fits into 6 month clothes...except for maybe some wipes here and there. But really...his bedding is set...plenty of blankets for sleeping and floor time...swaddlers...bottles...toys...clothes galore...you name it.  And what we didn't get in items, we were hugely blessed with gift cards.  It's unbelievable how well taken care of this kid is already.  I'm a bit humbled.

Will post more after our doctor's appointment this week, but here are a few pictures of the nursery.  Hard to believe he's due to arrive and be sleeping in this little room in less than a month.  =)

All clean and ready to go

Diaper Changing Central

Diapers (mostly cloth), soft friends, and toys

Closet FULL of clothes and blankets

Books, bathroom stuff, and a few odds and ends

Sleepy place...all ready for a little baby

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