Thursday, May 21, 2015

8 months!

Wowzer...Killean is 8 months.

Kid is on the move too!  He tries really hard to cruise around a table already.  He loves to climb when he can.  He thinks he can stand up already (OK...he can kind of stand up...he just isn't super stead yet).  He's still preferring to army crawl, but he has crawled a couple of times like a 'normal' baby.  He is also ends up on his feet and looks like he's going to bear crawl some times.  He's definitely figuring out how his body works and moves.  And boy, does. he. move.

Teeth: we're still at two.  I was convinced he was going to get some more...but nope. Still at two.

Sleep: meh?  Any night we only wake up twice I consider it a win.  When we're not feeling great, we can be up every. hour.  We're getting more consistent at only waking up twice.  We're also getting much better at going to sleep in our own crib happily.  He's no longer insisting on sleeping in our bed for part of the night.  Gives me hope that we're progressing to sleeping on our own for an entire night.

Food: we're getting better at eating food.  We discovered tonight that he does not like carrots.  He seems to really like fruit.  Veggies...not so much.  At least he's starting to eat something other than milk.  He has been exposed to carrots, squash, sweet potato, peas, potato, broccoli, pears, peaches, banana, apple, avocado...and PUFFS!  That kid is a puff monster.  He loves them.  They are turning into a nice tool to keep him occupied while we get dinner on the table for those that eat real food :)

Growth: He's a little over 18 pounds now 27+ inches.  He had to go to the doctor because I was convinced he had an ear infection-I was wrong.  Was nice to get his stats though.

At this point though I'm seriously considering switching to formula.  I'm tired of having to watch every single thing I eat.  I'm tired of always wondering if the reason he's not sleeping great is because I ate a chocolate chip...or didn't read a label right...or didn't pick all that cheese out of my pasta I didn't realize came with cheese at the restaurant.  I'm tired of being tied to a pump or a baby every 3 hours.  I'm just...tired.  I feel as though there is so much pressure this time around to make sure I'm not only pumping regularly at work or when I'm away from Killean but also really watching what I'm eating.  It's exhausting for me.  I know breastfeeding has so many benefits for Killean.  I know it has benefits for me (can't say I've missed my period at all).  But...I just don't love it right now and I'm tired.  Bad thing: the formula we would likely need to use is stupid expensive.  My original goal was a revised goal is one more day.  Every day I wake up and say, one more day.  Re-evaluation will happen at Killean's 9 month appointment.
Attempting to bear crawl

Puff monster!

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